Your New Smell – Biebon Travel Kit Signature Scent


Your New Smell – Biebon Travel Kit Signature Scent consists of 5 ML size  :

1.BIE by Biebon is create by our perfumist Mohd Balkini, he create this scent for fun sweet women that have strong confidence.

2. FOR HER by Biebon – this scent is suitable for women who like soft floral scent and freshing all day long.

3. SAFFRON & ROSE by Biebon – Over time, women are fondly associate with plants and flowers. The zesty and citrus scents emerge from mandarin, apple and grapefruit of top notes while layered by jasmine, rose, freesia of flowery heart notes. SAFFRON & ROSE, all harmoniously intermingling with finally woodsy scent of leathery musky and woody base.

4. LOVE by Biebon, will make women feels sexy and wanted.

5. CITRUS & WOODY by Biebon –The oakmoss and vertiver in base notes are strong earthy and woody scent. Imagine forest feels after the rain, with a breeze of fresh air and the mild citrus from bergamot of the top note.

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