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Frequently Ask Questions

This is the perfect time for you to switch to original perfume by your very own local perfumers. Why? The perfume has its own uniqueness and economical with fair prices. Moreover, local perfumers can relate to the native consumers’ preferences and our Malaysia tropical weather.

Do you know that we have our local talents that are into perfume creation of signature scents? We worship the overseas perfume brands but now let’s start to support and adore perfumes by our homegrown perfumers.

In Biebon Parfum, we have Biebon Signature Scent Collection created by our very own perfumers. For instance, Saffron & Rose by Biebon, a new signature scent by our perfumer Mr Mohd Balkini, created for women who are elegant, sweet and confidence.

Let’s get your first sniff!
Inspired by perfume is a perfume that is inspired by the smell-alike and the long-lasting strength of the original perfume. Nonetheless, the bottle, packaging and the inspired perfume brand is different from the original perfume.

Perfume inspired got its widespread popularity in Malaysia since 2015, designed for ease of use in its compact sizes, affordable prices and most importantly solat-friendly in the formula produced by a Muslim perfumer.

Legally we are not allowed to say we sell the same exact perfume and we can’t use their brand names as our own, that is why the word “Inspired by” is in front of the name.

Biebon itself take their own initiative to obey the rules and regulations of copyright and trademark by put the word “inspired by” in front of the name.
All our perfume scent lasting onto body about 8 hours and lasting for 2 days onto shirt or clothes. Biebon Parfum not sticky and do not require rinse off by body shampoo or bath, it will not cause irritation, itching or rashes to skin after applied.
All our perfume is muslim friendly product. We only use alcohol that origin from plants.
All our perfume is suitable for all skin types and safe for adults. Our perfume is without harmful chemicals and will not cause headache or dizziness.
Original created by our in-house pperfumer and inspire from branded Designer Fragrance or Fine Fragrance world wide, Body Fragrance Oils made from natural aromatic compounds and synthetic fragrance raw materials suitable for direct skin application.
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