Biebon Lavish



Biebon Lavish is one of the best modern leathers on the market today and worthy of all the acclaim and buzz.

Top Note: Raspberry (A sweet fruity note with a strong rose facet)

Middle Note: Frankincense (A fresh balsamic, somewhat green, woody and spicy fragrance with a fruity top note)

Base Note: (A soft powdery and musky scent)

+Complimentary Benefits :

Enjoy complimentary standard delivery with all online orders.

+Designated Box :

A designated cream box that suitable for a gift.

+What else you need to know :

  1. You can request tied with a ribbon.
  2. Wish card for birthday or anniversary wishes

*All this you can get for free. Just request from us before you check out.

Disclaimer :
Tuscan Leather is a trademark of Tom Ford. Biebon products competes with Tuscan Leather. It does not use the Tuscan Leather fragrance and is not associated in any way with Tuscan Leather or Tom Ford